Measurement is the eye of industrial production. NASA people have been specializing in the production of flow meters for 15 years

Since its establishment in 2006, Shanghai Naisen Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. has built a famous brand of "Shanghai Nathan" since its establishment in 2006. At present, Nathan has developed into one of the famous instrument manufacturers in the country. "Nsen", with the spirit of diligence, truth-seeking and continuous innovation, has established a unique enterprise culture, a scientific and strict quality management system, which ensures the advanced and reliable products and truly provides users with high-quality and all-round services.

Shanghai Naisen intelligent instrument is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise with "flow meter" as the main body. Nathan has the ability of independent research and development, focusing on the measurement accuracy and performance stability of the products. Adhering to the mission of "quality changing the world", we are committed to upgrading products to the world-class level.

Products: flow meter, display instrument, temperature and pressure instrument, electronic water meter, engineering supporting equipment, instrument calibration.

Flow meter: Naisen flow meter is equipped with verification qualification (third party independent testing institution / National Laboratory institution). Each flow meter can meet the requirements of "three conformity" with national standards, trade measurement and precision standards.

Company goal: to satisfy every Nathan user is our eternal pursuit.

Company tenet: with sincere attitude, high-quality products, perfect sales and after-sales service system as the core of our work.

Service concept: with the professional level and qualification in the field of instrument, we can solve problems for customers and become a trustworthy expert.



Corporate Culture


Prepare to build overseas business offices to provide consulting, sales and service guarantee for foreign users


Comprehensively evaluate the product chain, develop and optimize the whole series of products, optimize the manufacturing and flow process


New gas calibration device and other equipment have been put into use, greatly improving product efficiency


Jiangsu Naisen Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. was established and the new factory was put into use


Set up a new factory, dedicated to the production and manufacture of gas instruments


Reach strategic cooperation with the third party national laboratory to greatly improve the product support capability

Reform the company's management structure and product chain, and clarify the key products


Establish cooperation with Qiantian Machinery Co., Ltd


The company was established to establish cooperation with Tian commercial (Zhuzhou)

About NASA
Thermal gas mass flowmeter
ultrasonic flowmeter
electromagnetic flowmeter
Vortex Flowmeter
Liquid turbine flowmeter
Energy meter (cold and heat meter)
Intelligent flow totalizer
Intelligent monitoring management system

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