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Shanghai NASA Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd

Shanghai NASA intelligent instrument is a machinery manufacturing enterprise with "flow meter" as the main body. Nison has independent research and development capabilities, focusing on product measurement accuracy and performance stability.
Adhering to the mission of "quality changes the world", we are committed to upgrading our products to the world-class level.
Products: flow meter, display meter, temperature and pressure meter, electronic water meter, engineering support, instrument calibration.
Flow meter: Nessen flow meter is equipped with verification qualification (third party independent testing institution / National Laboratory institution). Each flow meter can meet the requirements of "three conformities", national standard, trade measurement and precision standard.

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    Metrological calibration and testing Capacity guarantee scale advantage

    1.Gas standard device and liquid standard device verified by China Academy of metrology
    2.Provide the third party national laboratory calibration test report according to various verification regulations
    3.It can meet the requirements of national standards, trade measurement and precision standards

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    New product development and release Small thermal gas mass flowmeter

    High precision flow measurement specially used for gas flow
    high precision flow measurement for all kinds of clean, dry and non corrosive gases
    low cost, easy installation, no need for additional temperature and pressure compensation

    National Service Hotline: 021-66350806 / 66350881
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    Welcome to NASA cooperation Choose Nathan, we will provide your own products and services

    1. You can find us through offline exhibitions to understand us
    2. We provide customers with customized products and factory inspection services
    3. Looking forward to your joining, it will be our honor and your opportunity

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